DIY ozone proof head cap (or just a “sexy” old fashioned shower cap)!


Hello my dear friends! Today I have a little DIY project for you 🙂

There has been some talk on the ozone group (“Ozone to Health”on FB) about ozone being good for promoting hair growth. Some people were researching head contraptions that might work for doing some sort of ozone head cupping and a lovely friend shared that she used an old fashioned looking shower cap for that purpose… that gave me an idea…🤗

I did a little bit of digging and found a great tutorial to make a waterproof shower cap. It involved you “plastifying” your own fabric.  Apparently, now you can buy a vinyl film that adheres to fabric after ironing it, thus making it waterproof.

That vinyl film looked very similar to your regular old fashioned contact paper.  So, I researched contact paper material and hold and behold it is vinyl as well!😱  I don’t know if they are exactly the same thing, but since I have tons of clear contact paper at home and some extra 100% cotton pillow covers (both vinyl and cotton are ozone resistant!), I decided to just give it a go.

I followed the directions from this tutorial, except that I used contact paper instead of the vinyl film designed for fabrics.  Please, go there so that you can get more details!😜.


Now is time to sew the bias tape (extra wide) to the vinyl/cotton fabric!


Then, you pass an elastic through it (make sure that it fits well) and sew that last remaining area so that it looks pretty.  And voilà, that’s it!


**Please, keep in mind that this is an experiment**  I have not even tested it just yet to see how it works with ozone.  Regardless, you’ll get a fun grandma looking shower cap lol!

I’m out of town, so I will not be able to test until I get back home in a few days… I’ll keep you posted!





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