O3Elite Single – replacing old sticker with new one!

Hi ozone loving friends!

If you got an O3Elite Single ozone generator from Promolife you might know that it used to come with a small sticker on its top left side.  Promolife recently updated it to a nicer/bigger sticker which includes the gamma chart.  If you contact them, they will send it to you!

This is the old look:


Here is the new look:


I know that many people who use ozone therapy are dealing with complicated health issues and sometimes easy stuff seems difficult and overwhelming.  I have been there for sure!  So, I decided to make a short video showing how I replaced the old sticker with the new one on my O3Elite Single.  It was really easy and super fast – it took me a lot longer to figure out how to place my phone in the right angle for shooting the video!😜

Here is the video:

That’s it!  Until next time!🙋🏻




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