My First Direct Intravenous Ozone Injection

Hola world!

I just came back from beautiful Mexico.  Boy, what a trip!  I really need a vacation after my vacation!!!😁

While I was there, I had the chance to visit a good friend who has a holistic practice in Queretaro, Mexico.

Jose Luis Gallardo is very well versed in many alternative therapies, being ozone one of them.  I really like that he is extremely detail oriented and rather conservative when dealing with someone who tends to be highly sensitive, like myself.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to have my first direct IV ozone treatment – with someone who I know and trust.


As expected, the treatment was done in a very conservative manner.  Since this was my first ozone IV treatment, I didn’t want to push it too far…

Jose Luis graciously agreed to let me record this session.  Big thanks to lovely Aby, who kindly offered to film all of the different segments.

You might notice that I did a lot of editing.  This process can take some time and on video it feels like minutes are counted in dog years…

Each cc/ml of ozone was delivered throughout 20 seconds.  When watching the video, if you look closely at the syringe you can notice that I did cut some big chunks of footage… Though, no worries – I made sure to include all the juicy parts!😜

For my treatment, he used the same ozone generator I have, the O3 Elite single cell!!!✨🤗✨  He also has another very nice ozone generator, Longevity’s cousin aka Paul’s machine👌🏼

Here is the video…

I hope you enjoyed the video!

As you can see, Jose Luis was great at explaining every single detail of the entire process. I am very grateful for that as I really like to understand how things work and my memory is still a work in progress.

Please, go to Facebook and like Jose Luis’ page:

You can also contact him at (+52 1) 442-160-6007

He is an awesome guy, super knowledgeable and does all sorts of really cool alternative therapies.  If you are near Queretaro, I highly recommend you to contact him and make an appointment  – I am surely glad I did 😄.  He also does Skype and phone consultations.

The ozone treatment featured on this video is a fantastic healing tool.  There are a few practitioners in the U.S. and many around the world who offer this kind of therapy.  I know I will be doing this again for sure!

Thank you for stopping by!




3 thoughts on “My First Direct Intravenous Ozone Injection

  1. We are looking to buy an ozone generator machine for medical purposes and home use. We don’t know
    which is better to purchase a glass chamber or a ceramic chamber. There is pros and cons of both.
    We noticed you use Promolife which is a ceramic chamber unit. Did you use a WPS 100 unit previously.
    Please advise.

    • Hi Ray🙋🏻! Sorry, just catching up on comments.
      I am by no means an expert. I would advise you to join the “Ozone to Health” Facebook group. Glass vs. ceramic/aluminum oxide has been discussed there on many occasions. I just had it confirmed on a recent comment there by one of the group experts that the Zotzmann ozone generator (very fancy and expensive – considered probably the best ozone generator in the market) has an aluminum oxide electrode exposed to ozone.
      Yes, I got started with the wps-100 and it seemed to work just fine for the basic stuff I was doing at the time. Though, I later found the chart not to be very accurate regarding gamma strength compared to the generator’s output and just found out that another group member was having the same issue. Right now gamma accuracy is of the most importance to me – I am currently following a treatment that calls for very specific gamma settings in order to address specific issues, even a small variation can really affect my treatment. I have a lot more confidence in promolife as I know that they are very thorough regarding calibration and if I ever want to have my generator checked or recalibrated I know that I can just mail it to them.
      Hope that helps! 🙂 Again, you will be able to get more detailed info, advise, etc. on the “ozone to health” fb group.

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