Easy Almond Cookies! (vegan, gluten free, low thiol)


Hi there!

Here is a super easy and healthy recipe from my favorite food blogger, Ricki Heller.  This woman is truly a wizard when it comes to baking healthy but delicious vegan gluten free treats!

I found her years ago, when I was on a strict anti-candida diet and also couldn’t eat any eggs or diary.  I am currently on a low thiol diet (a type of sulfur) and again have to exclude both eggs and diary, plus a bunch of  otherwise healthy foods.

Ricki has tons of anti-candida friendly recipes on her fabulous books (I have them ALL!!!) and website.  If you pay attention to the ingredients, you will find that many of her treats are low thiol as well.  I will be posting a few more of my favorites!😋

This recipe is not on Ricki’s website – it was featured on a couple of food blogs prior to  launching one or her awesome books.  Click on any of the pictures, or here, for the recipe.


This recipe includes very few ingredients.  It calls for raw almonds, a liquid sweetener, flaxmeal, a light tasting oil (I used avocado), salt, baking soda, vanilla & almond extracts and a bit of water.


I made a couple of substitutions, nothing major though… I am not crazy about agave nectar, so I used organic pure maple syrup.  Also, I didn’t use any almond extract, just more vanilla.



These yummies bake pretty quickly, about 8-10 mins at 350F.  I took these guys to a friend’s house and they disappeared pretty fast!😜


Hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know if you make these lovely cookies!




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