Testing My New Syringe System and Glass Syringe!

Hola there!

I recently got a nice syringe system and a beautiful glass syringe from Promolife.

I absolutely love the syringe system.  Though, you can definitely do without it, but I really like how it makes my life so much easier and gives me a bit more control (control freak alert!!!😁).

I am still getting used to the glass syringe.  This one is top quality and just beautiful – I love little gadgets!  I just wished that the pusher was not that slippery.  You really have to pay attention and hold the pusher in place so not to let it slip and lose some O3 in the process.  Plastic syringes definitely have a lot more grip and do not require much babysitting.  But, the glass syringe is 100% ozone resistant…

I made a couple of videos playing with my new toys!

Hope you enjoyed the videos!





2 thoughts on “Testing My New Syringe System and Glass Syringe!

  1. My husband Ray and I are in the process of purchasing an ozone generator ; but we are confused as to which one to purchase, a Promolife (your machine) uses a ceramic chamber whereas Longevity uses a glass chamber. Both have sites which argue theirs is the better product because of the chamber type.
    Please advise.

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