Vegan Key Lime Ice Cream

OMG!!!  You can’t imagine how much I love this ice cream!  It has avocados, lemon/lime, maple syrup and coconut!!!  I put all the ingredients on the vitamix until throughly blended, then on the ice cream maker and voila!!!

This is truly my current favorite ice cream recipe!  Click on photo below for the original recipe!


The first time I made it I completely forgot to put the coconut milk and ended up adding lots of extra coconut oil and more sweetener to achieve the flavor I wanted.  It actually worked out fantastic and it was a big hit at a friend’s dinner party.

Today, I made it again following the real recipe.  I was not in the mood to squeeze some limes, so I used Costco’s organic lemon juice instead.

costo volcano lemon juice

It needed a little more sweetness for my taste, so I added 3 tablespoons of demerara sugar and 13 drops of liquid stevia. The only reason why I used demerara sugar is because it is lighter in color than all the other sugars I have around – I didn’t want to affect the esthetics of this delicious ice cream.

                        GetImage.ashxnow liquid stevia organic.jpg

The end product tastes as divine as the first time I made it excluding the coconut milk!  Can’t go wrong with all those amazing ingredients.

I took it to a tapas party, so I served it on tiny clear solo mini cups and decorated with lavender flowers.

Click on the ice cream photo above to get the original recipe.  Let me know if you give it a try!




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