Cheap Low Flowmeter Hack for Oxygen Concentrator

Some healing protocols can become quite expensive and ozone therapies are no exception. Fortunately, the ‘Ozone to Health’ Facebook group has many creative members who come up with inventive ways to save some money along the way.

There is one cool hack that is becoming quite popular among ozone fans.  Joe Dolan, from the ‘Ozone to Health’ fb group, came up with this very innovative idea for creating an external low flowmeter by just purchasing the heart of the device for cheap on eBay.  After getting lots of input from many experts in the group, he figured out how to make this work.

I saw Joe’s posts about this DIY external flowmeter and thought it was a brilliant idea.

I got pretty lucky, as when I bought my used oxygen concentrator at a store they also had  for sale the perfect low flowmeter part to use for Joe’s hack.

I have been successfully using this low flowmeter hack for my home ozone treatments during the past six months.  It has worked really well for me so far. Though, keep in mind that this is not a professionally designed device and it may have some flaws.  I have made a few adjustments along the way to correct some issues I came across.

Paola Dziwetzki, from The Power of Ozone, and I joined forces to make this instructional video.  It explains in detail how to put together this cheaper low flowmeter version (less than $40).

Warning – this is a long video.  It covers everything in detail regarding how to make this low flowmeter hack work on a regular 0-5 LPM oxygen concentrator.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  Would love to hear your thoughts!

**If you are not into DIY or feel more comfortable getting a medical device designed for this purpose, you can get Invacare’s ready to go  low flowmeter for $299.95.**





3 thoughts on “Cheap Low Flowmeter Hack for Oxygen Concentrator

  1. Thank you for sharing this! What things do I need to look for in getting an oxygen concentrator that will be good enough for ozone treatment? I’m just starting to get setup for doing ozone treatment after years of trying other treatments that have helped with minimal progress in fighting CNS lyme and tons of complications/secondary conditions. Specifically, I’m wondering what oxygen percentage the machine needs to put out…I noticed that most people on ozone forums seemed to be using oxygen tanks and I can’t get out most days so I don’t want to depend on something that I have to be able to leave the house to fill.

    • Hi Jessica. I am by no means an expert. I’ll be happy to share with you what I have learned along the way. I really don’t know what is the minimum acceptable oxygen percentage for O2 concentrators. It is a great question, I’ll ask my trusted experts.
      I personally have a respironics everflo and if works really well. Since it is hard to find pediatric O2 concentrators we use the external pediatric flowmeter so to achieve the lower O2 pressure used for ozone treatments. Some experts believe that it is important to look for an O2 concentrator that has a maximum of 5.5 psi of outlet pressure so to make sure that it can handle the external flowmeter. That is the case of the respironics everflo. I used a respironics millennium in the past, which has higher outlet pressure than 5.5 psi and it worked just fine, but decided to replace it just in case the flowmeter would eventually damage the unit. You can search on the web regarding other units.
      I totally understand. I have two O2 concentrators for all insufflations and BOO and an oxygen tank for DIV. Hope this helps, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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