Shooting Ozone Up My Nose…

Remember the fabulous video I just posted last time where this guy was shooting ozone up his nose?  Well, here you have it again as this a really good tutorial to watch before attempting to do this at home:

Now, time to try this myself…  Please, keep in mind that my videos below are by no means a good tutorial to follow.  This is just my personal experience on how I shoot ozone up my nose for the first time.

I used 33.7 gamma on my ozone generator (wps-100) and filled the syringe halfway (30cc) with an oxygen pressure of 1/4 LPM.  I repeated the procedure for the other nostril.

I warn you, I can have a little bit of a filthy mouth… though, I promise that I tried to control myself as much as I possibly could…

That was an interesting experience.  I should get better at it with practice…

Till next time!




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