Can I Make a 60cc Plastic Syringe Fully Ozone Resistant?

** UPDATE – I went back to the website where I read that this syringe was made out of polycarbonate and they just changed the description to polypropylene from the last time I checked (3 days ago). Good that I took a screenshot from the old description so that I know that my vision and memory are not failing!

Also, I was just finally able to talk to a BD representative.  Unfortunately, they confirmed that the syringes in question (BD 60ML REF 309653) are made out of polypropylene and not polycarbonate.  They told me that BD has one polycarbonate syringe, but it is only 1ML! This is not what I wanted to hear, but at least now we know for sure.

This hack is still good for preventing the black rubber tip to degrade too fast as this is the least ozone resistant part from the syringe.**


Hola there!

Here is a really “cool” video trending on the ‘ozone to health’ fb group.  The video basically shows you how to shoot ozone up your nose. Yeah!  And that’s really cool in my book!!!

I am looking forward to try this ozone treatment!  I ordered 40 units of “BD” 60cc syringes here.   I did some research and decided to buy this brand because I read on another vendor’s website that the barrel was made out of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is very resistant to ozone.  I have not been able to speak with a human being at BD headquarters in order to verify the polycarbonate claim – I will keep trying.

Now, the inner pusher’s tip on most syringes is made out of rubber.  Rubber is not ozone resistant and will degrade with time.

What can a crafty girl with a silicone gun do?  Watch me in action!

It was a bit challenging to cover the black rubber tip with silicone in such a way that it would fit back inside.  It takes some patience, but at the end it worked out beautifully.

The second experiment, trying to completely replace the rubber with silicone, turned out great in theory.  But, I was not able to fill that syringe with ozone.  I’m assuming the gas was leaking through some gaps that were not fully covered by my DIY silicone tip.

In conclusion, covering the black rubber inner tip from a syringe with silicone can be successfully achieved and it can work well in practice too.

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