What is Ozone Therapy and How it is Used for Wellness?

ozone therapy.png

Hola there!  I am not planning to spend a long blog post explaining what ozone is.  I don’t like reinventing the wheel when there is already a wonderful resource available.

What I am going to do instead is to direct you to the awesome website from my wonderful friend Paola Dziwetzki – The Power of Ozone.

Paola is the true ozone queen!  Her website provides a wealth of information that will probably answer most questions you might have regarding the basics of ozone therapy and beyond.

And, if you are interested in ozone therapy in general, head to Facebook and join the “Ozone to Health” Facebook group.  I am a regular there and you will find amazing resources to get started on your ozone journey.

What is ozone therapy?

How is ozone generated?

Go ahead and check out the basics.   I promise it will make you want to know more and more!

Talk soon!




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