The Day I Fell Inlove With Ozone

Last year, after overextending myself during a high school reunion trip, I ended up with a pretty bad health relapse.

I have been having issues with chronic fatigue for most of my adult life.  It would usually take me about a month to recover from a trip, but this time it was taking me a lot longer.

That is when I decided that I was ready to change gears.

I have heard a bit about ozone in the past, but it just didn’t resonate with me at the time.

But, what is Ozone anyways?

Ozone is really like supercharged oxygen.  Ozone (O3) is formed by three oxygen atoms, unlike regular oxygen (O2), which only has 2 atoms.   This extra oxygen molecule contained in ozone is what makes it so powerful.

I have been part of an underground healing world for the past few years, so I had heard a little bit about ozone.  I knew that it could kill all sorts of pathogens.  I knew that some people were using ozone to heal from very complicated health conditions.  I have read that the bulletproof executive used ozone as an important part of his healing process.  But, that was it – I really didn’t know much about it.

While searching for something on a wellness Facebook group, I read the story of a nice lady who was healing from lyme disease with ozone therapy.  I have read some of her past posts and she was not doing too well then.  So, seeing that this woman was finally improving with ozone made me want to know more.

I joined her ozone Facebook group.  It was a good introduction, but I wanted to learn more from other sources as well.

One day, I stumbled upon this great article – please click and read it, it is a wonderful and easy to digest introduction to ozone therapies.  Lisa, the lady from that blog, had an ozone generator she purchased at a discounted price through another ozone Facebook group.

That’s how I found the ‘Ozone to Health’ Facebook group.  And that’s is when my love affair with ozone truly began.

It took me probably a couple of months to go from being an invisible member on this group – just quietly reading and learning – until I built enough energy and drive to pull the trigger and order my ozone gear.  That was almost 6 months ago.

I would not describe my results as instant miracles, but I have noticed real and steady progress – which is huge in my book.  I feel that ozone has awakened my brain and that I’m finally starting to see my real self (whatever that means) somewhere in there.  It is a wonderful feeling!  I feel very hopeful that this amazing healing tool will help me heal for good.


Today, I am very active on the’Ozone to Health’ Facebook group.  Paola D., the group’s administrator (aka the queen of ozone), is an amazingly generous human being who spends countless hours teaching others the health benefits of ozone. There are also many other lovely group members who are very smart and helpful.

I am so grateful for everything I have learned so far and how it is helping me that I want to share this new knowledge with anyone who cares to learn.  That is the main reason why I decided to start blogging again, after pausing for 6 years or so.

In this blog, I will share some of the wonderful life changing things I have learned so far.  I  will write about the treatments I do, supplements I take, my current nutrition plan, life, etc.  I  am also planning to post pictures, videos, tutorials, recipes, ozone equipment hacks, etc.

Stay tuned!





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